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A CTO (Chief Technology Officers) is usually a full time employee. However, at the early stage of your startup, it is safe to assume that hiring a full time CTO is a very difficult decision to make.

This is where my services as a Virtual CTO completely make sense to entrepreneurs like you. It is not easy to bootstrap, budget is tight but the right decisions still have to be made. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

If you don’t have your MVP yet, please do me a favor and download my guide that is about building an MVP With Zero Tech Knowledge. We may not get the chance to work together, but I’m sure that my guide will at least help you in your venture in many ways.

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What you can expect from me as a Virtual CTO

Self-Introductions & Discovery Call

This is an important step as we will get to know each other. Help me understand your vision, your expectations, your challenges and also your main concerns.


Selecting The Right Technologies

Technical stacks are selected based on your project and needs. I have my own selection criteria which will always take your best interest into account.


Coordinating Your Technical Staff

You have your linguo, the developers have their own. Things get lost in translation so I’m here to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Aligning Your Business Strategies With Tech Choices

The product’s roadmap has to be aligned with your next strategical step, whatever it may be. Features have to be reprioritized all the time.

technical problems

Addressing Your Technical Issues

Technical issues are around every corner of your venture, there’s no doubt about it. I’ll help you to solve them as they arise on our way.


Building & Scaling The Product With You

From building your MVP to scaling your product to the next level, it’s all about team play. You will not be alone in this exciting journey.

Feeling excited about working with me?

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