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Welcome to the MVP Crafters Resources section, a place where you will find my recommended tools and free document templates that will help you in your startup journey.

Some of the links below might be affiliate links, which means I will make a commission when you purchase the recommended products. This will not add any additional cost to your purchases. I will only recommend solutions that I have personally used and that are proven to be effective. Affiliate links are fully disclosed when I use them. 

Free Document Templates

Here you will find the most important document templates that will help you establish a proper workflow between you, your CTO and your developer.

Specification Document Template

This document is a must-have and you should have one complete before you even start looking for a developer.

It basically acts like a contract between you and the developer. The trap when writing such a document is that you might be tempted to put more ideas and features into it more than you have originally planned. Remember, you need to stay focused on the MVP.

Credits to for this simple yet efficient template.


Non Disclosure Agreement Template

This document has to be signed by your contractors before you submit the Specification Document to them. This ensures that your unique idea gets minimum protection and it also shows yours the freelancers that you really are serious about your project.


Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement Template

Make sure to have this one signed before your developer starts working on the project. The idea is to be 100% owner of his source code at the end of the development process of the MVP.


Softwares & Services

There are always one or two softwares that will make your life much easier when building your startup and your MVP.


Balsamiq is a software that enables you to create simple mockups of your websites, web applications or even mobile apps. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge as it’s all about drag-n-dropping your visual elements.

It really is important to let the developers what you really have in mind and making mockups is the way to go.

Balsamiq has a trial version.

Learn more is my favorite website for finding modern icons. It just gives a cool look to your websites and apps with very little effort. Some icons require a premium account but you already have a large catalog with just a regular account.

Don’t spend more time and energy creating your own icons in the early stage of your business, it is not worth it yet.

Learn more
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