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About me


I’m Sylvestre Ho, a family guy in my mid thirties who’s been working as a Web Developer for over 13 years now. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the tech guy who only speaks technical linguo that nobody understands… I always loved talking business and I’ve always been very pragmatic, which is why I naturally became a CTO.

I have started many businesses in the past. Whether I was alone or with co-founders, I encountered successes and failures. Many failures, to be honest. It is no secret that 90% of startups fail for various reasons, there are so many pitfalls after all.

As a Virtual CTO, my mission is to help you to avoid those common pitfalls and clear the path that may lead you to success.

What is a CTO?

The term CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. In general, all companies that have technology involved in their business have a full time CTO. That’s to say all modern companies need a CTO.

Basically, a CTO’s job is to make sure that all the technical aspects of any given project get covered. For instance, if your business is SaaS based (Software as a Service), your CTO’s job will be to:

  • Understand your needs as a business founder
  • Study the feasibility of your project
  • Estimate the cost of such a project
  • Help you to create the book of specifications
  • Help you to establish the Roadmap of your Product
  • Align the Technical Strategies with your Marketing Strategies
  • Make decisions regarding the IT infrastructure
  • Make sure that all critical systems are backed up
  • Make sure that all services are monitored
  • Make decisions regarding software development
  • Build a team of developers (or he may be the superman who develops everything by himself!)
  • Maintain the SaaS platform
  • Add new features in accordance with customers’ feedbacks
  • Scale with the growth of your business
  • Improve your productivity with tools and workflows
  • Optimize the cost of IT and development
  • … and much more!

What is a Virtual CTO?

All of the above! However, we are not physically in your office and we operate as Freelances.

I have been very lucky to work with Sylvestre Ho over the past few months. He has always helped me ask the right questions at the right time, and he pushed my thinking in unexpected directions. Thanks to him, I learned a lot and was able to make good decisions as an entrepreneur.
The recommendations he suggested to me have been implemented today. For him, everything is possible, he helps you to find the best way to achieve your goal. Sylvestre Ho is involved and believes in you, even if he challenges you a lot.

Laila Ducher, Weeprep

Sylvestre Ho has been working with our startup for more than a year, and it has allowed us to greatly professionalize our IT approach. In addition to understanding very quickly our technical needs, he brought a true strategic vision, while having an exemplary work ethic. It’s simple, he always knew how to keep his commitments on time, while the strategic direction of our startup was chaotic and changeable, and that we co-founders struggled to deliver in time.

Sebastien Pere, Monsieur Gaspar

It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what we needed for our website. I have to say it was well worth the wait. Finding Sylvestre Ho has been one of the biggest strokes of luck we have had as a startup. I cannot recommend Sylvestre Ho enough for his abilities as a CTO and his commitment to being a team player. […] We always felt like our site was priority number one. […] Thanks Sylvestre Ho, for breathing life into our website!

Ajoe Joseph, Monsieur Gaspar

We had the pleasure to work with Sylvestre Ho who redesigned our back-end! Sylvestre Ho was very attentive to our expectations and extremely responsive to integrate our feedbacks. I highly recommend Sylvestre Ho!

Olivier Girinon, Balthazar

It was a real pleasure working with Sylvestre Ho. With his professionalism and cheerfulness, he quickly joined the teams and was operational from the start. He is a CTO who masters his subject and produces high quality code. I highly recommend Sylvestre Ho!

Yahya Berkani, Keley Live

Sylvestre Ho not only has excellent technical skills but is also very friendly. Sylvestre  Ho has always been a reliable and efficient partner with whom I have enjoyed working.

Damien Duponchelle, Centreon

We had the opportunity to work with Sylvestre Ho for the development of most of our projects, and we were more than satisfied with his services. Dynamic, responsive and ingenious, he has been able to provide solutions to our problems and adapt to our constraints.

Jacques-Vally Lean, Genikids
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