5 SaaS Ideas That You Can Execute Almost For Free

As a CTO, I always try not to reinvent the wheel. Even before writing the first line of code, I will always explore the Open Source projects and check whether or not there’s something that could meet my needs.

Do you know that you can actually start a SaaS business without paying thousands of dollars to a developer? Thanks to some awesome Open Source projects, this is possible!

You could even see it as a way to validate your idea with a full featured MVP, how cool is that?

If you are not tech savvy at all, you may still have to pay someone to do the installation and configuration.

Here’s a list of some SaaS business that you can implement this way.

Server monitoring business

Centreon is an awesome Open Source monitoring software that you can install on your own server. It can monitor the availability, response times of websites and sends out notifications when things go wrong.

It can do much more but it certainly requires advanced knowledge.

Disclaimer: I used to be one of the core developers for this project.

Similar SaaS: pingdom.com

Dating site business

Ph7cms is another Open Source project that helps you setup a dating site in just a matter of minutes!

If offers all the core features that any dating website would ever need. But you will have to hire someone to do a proper rebranding, as the base design is pretty… basic!

You may think that the market is already saturated but you can still target a niche business here!

Similar SaaS:  match.com

Invoicing business

Invoiceninja offers their own Pro service but they also provide their Open Source code for people who wish to self host their solution. It only costs $20 / year in order to remove their logo and replace it with your own.

This business is rather saturated in most countries, so you will have to invest some money in order to beat the competition with a killer feature. It would be wise to target a specific industry and solve some of their pain points when it comes to invoicing.

Similar SaaS: freshbooks.com

Social network business

Ever dreamed of hosting your own Facebook? Diaspora will let you do that!

Because Facebook is already well established with over 2.2 billions of users, you can’t just outcompete them, not to mention that it’s already free to use.

Instead, you’ll have to niche down and target a specific audience or maybe take the B2B route.

Similar SaaS: facebook.com

Marketplace business

Once again, you will have to niche down and target very specific goods to sell on your marketplace because you would have a hard time trying to beat Amazon or eBay by being too broad.

Cocorico is a company that sells their hosting services but they also provide an Open Source version of their solution.

Similar SaaS: amazon.com


There will be more and more Open Source SaaS software on the market and some opportunities are just too good to pass on if you are looking to build a Tech business with minimal cost.

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